Tags: Baan architects / Mashhad architecture / معماران بان / معماری مشهد


Location Golmakan, Mashhad, Iran.
Year 2021
Status Completed
Program Residential
collabrators Saeed Memarbashi (Structure)

could not be passive or decorative factors. Therefore, it was tried to give an active role to the wall in this project, on the one hand, it guides the audience in the project, and on the other hand, its task is to frame scenes in the project that highlight the passage of time for the future user. Also, outside, a new language was given in the area of entry to the project by defining a suspended and simple volume – highlighted by the material and texture. And on the other hand, it was tried inside by activating the program through the vertical blank whose task is to stage the space (for the audience) and to enter a large volume of light into the space, to face a person with an unexpected space when climbing it.